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  1. Interviewed for “Our reading habits changed with pandemic lockdowns — here’s how” CBC, The Sunday Magazine, December 28, 2021
  2. Interviewed for “How the pandemic changed our relationship with reading” on The Sunday Magazine by Kristen Nelson, CBC Radio 1, Air time: Nov 7, 2021
  3. Interviewed for “How the pandemic has rewired our brains” by Aaron Hutchins, Maclean’s Magazine, October 8, 2021
  4. Interviewed for “Supporting and guiding pre-tenure McGill professors” by Richard Deschamps, McGill Reporter, September 23, 2021
  5. Interviewed for “Post-Pandemic Emotional Recovery: How Are You Doing?” by Danielle Groen, Reader’s Digest Best Health, August 31, 2021
  6. Interviewed for “Understanding Pandemic Burnout” on The Current with Matt Galloway, CBC Radio 1, April 12, 2021
  7. Interviewed for “We Have All Hit a Wall: Confronting late-stage pandemic burnout, with everything from edibles to Exodus” by Sarah Lyall, The New York Times, April 4, 2021
  8. Interviewed for “Breaking News and Developing Stories on Pandemic Memory Loss” with John Vause, CNN Newsroom (CCNi), Interview for Air date March 12, 2021, 1:25 AM EST.
  9. Interviewed for “Pandemic Fatigue and Memory Loss” with Pia Chattopadhyay, The Sunday Magazine, CBC Radio 1, Air time: March 14, 9am EST.
  10. Interviewed for “Late-Stage Pandemic Is Messing With Your Brain: We have been doing this so long, we’re forgetting how to be normal.” By Ellen Cushing, The Atlantic, March 8, 2021
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  12. Interviewed for “New study explores impact of biological sex affects brain aging and memory function”, Med-E News McGill University, November 2019.
  13. Interviewed for “Kids these days only seem dumb if you think you’re a genius”, Popular Science, October 31, 2019.
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  17. Highlighted in “Middle Age Memory Decline” McGill University, Women’s Brain Health Initiative Article July 16, 2016.
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  20. Contributed to “Good News For Anyone Worried About Their ‘Senior Moments’” by Yagana Shah, Huffington Post , July 19, 2016