Welcome! Our lab conducts sex and gender research in the cognitive neuroscience of memory, aging and dementia prevention. We use behavioral and neuroimaging methods to study the neurobiology of memory and cognition across the adult lifespan. Specifically, we are interested in understanding why some adults maintain a high level of memory and cognitive function into late life and others do not. We study how biological sex, hormones, social determinants of health, vascular health and risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease impact cognition and brain function in ethnoculturally diverse samples of young, middle-aged and older adults.  We are particularly interested in studying midlife as a critical period in adult development in women and men.

Our lab is located at the Brain Imaging Centre, Douglas Institute Research Centre, CIUSS l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal & McGill University.

Our research is funded by: